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NICU Nurses, Worthy of Super Hero Status

Nurse KarlaAs we prepare to kick off the third annual Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest, it is the perfect time to reflect upon the super heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes in NICUtropolis to ensure babies born too soon, too small or too sick have the extra help they need to take on the world!

Using every weapon in their arsenal, NICU nurses help babies in their care to defeat evil villains such as the pesky, all-powerful oscillator machine and to leap tall hurdles such as learning to bottlefeed without forgetting to breathe! NICU nurses may wear hospital issued scrubs rather than capes, but they are as stealthy as Spiderman and have nerves of steel that could rival Superman. They ease the minds of tired and frightened parents while wielding medications with one hand and changing diapers with the other. Much like a super hero they shun the spotlight, but their talent and dedication to their field entitles them to a day of appreciation and praise.

Saturday, September 15 is National Neonatal Nurses Day. While no card or gift could ever adequately express our gratitude, we at Hand to Hold want to say thank you to these amazing men and women who have dedicated their lives to ensuring our babies soar.

With Appreciation,

Kelli Kelley 
Kelli D. Kelley
Founder and Executive Director

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George King, Kelli Kelley, and Twins Ikey & ReagonHand to Hold's hugely successful, third annual Preemie Power Family Celebration was held August 24, 2012, at the Dell Diamond. Some 350 adults and children of all ages had a rollicking good time with fun activities, a ballpark buffet, a ballgame and fireworks! The event kicks off the Preemie Power awareness campaign which culminates in the Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest, beginning October 1st with winners announced on World Prematurity Day, November 17.

How to Communicate with Your Baby’s Care Team: 10 Tips to Help You Get What You Need 

Kate with nurseNurse Educator Deborah Dinsmoor, RN, BSN, shares 10 tips for NICU parents to better communicate with their baby's care team in the hospital. From keeping a journal to learning how to request a review of your child's chart, these tips will help parents navigate the rocky waters of a baby's hospital stay.

What Causes Children Stress: Understanding Children’s Developmental Stages and Common Stressors

South Beach Sisters by adwriter available through CCWhile the way siblings respond to the birth of a new baby or to their hospitalization depends on many things – like their developmental level, temperament, family dynamics and support systems – Family Support Navigator Laura Romero explains what to expect and what is normal to help you prepare to address your older children's needs. 

Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

Fightin JaxMake a plan for your baby's success! Family Support Navigator Erika Goyer describes ways to bring out the best in your child no matter what developmental delays, challenges or diagnoses they face. 

What's Hot on the Blog, PreemieBabies101

PreemieBabies101 BlogThe Emotional Impact of Different NICU Configurations

Dani Curliss describes the emotional impact of enduring tight rooming quarters at her daughter's NICU and how strict visitation policies made bonding with her child more difficult.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Joel Brens shares how early intervention has been key to his son's progress.

SOS! Asking for Help During a Hospital Stay 

Bea Smith learned there is no shame in asking for help, and she shares her best tips for reaching out when you need it most.

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Sept 13NICU Support Group - St. David's Medical Center (second Thursdays) from 6-7 pm

Sept 15 - National Neonatal Nurses Day - Here's ideas to celebrate your baby's nurses.

Sept 21Lunch & Learn - A monthly, free educational program for parents and healthcare providers. The September session will be announced soon!

Sept 22 - NICU Reunion at St. David's Women's Center of Texas at St. David's North Austin Medical Center

Sept 27NICU Support Group - St. David's North Austin Medical Center (last Thursday of each month) from 6-7:30 pm

Sept 27Sibling Sundaes, a fun educational program for siblings with a brother or sister in the NICU, will be held at St. David's North Austin Medical Center, 6-7:30 pm.

Sept 29 - Volunteer Training - 10am - 4pm -  Sign up to support another NICU family.

Preemie Power LogoOct 1 - Preemie Power Photo/Contest begins accepting entries for a chance to win a family trip to Disneyland and other prizes!

Mondays/Tuesdays, 9-1 pm - Volunteer to provide NICU respite at the Ronald McDonald Room at St. David's North Austin Medical Center or at St. David's Medical Center. 

Preemie Power Super Heroes

YaraMeet Yara who was born at 34 weeks and weighed just 2 lbs 3 oz. Now six, her mom writes, "You would never know that Yara was a preemie...she is the life of a party and is a great testament that preemies can conquer the greatest challenges and not just survive but THRIVE!Be inspired by more Preemie Power Super Heroes.

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